Mr. Ung Van Thong has been on the Board as General Director since 2001. 
A business management degree holder. Altogether he brings to the Company more than 30 years of experience in rice business
Over the years under his leadership, Nam Hai Joint Stock Company expanded its business focus from trading into milling production of own rice trademark product for local market in Vietnam.
As a key pioneer founder of Nam hai Joint Stock Company,
Mr. Ung has a deep understanding of the strengths and capabilities of the Company. Consequently his differentiated vision and strategies have led to the Companies successful track record of growth and financial strength.
Mr. Ung is instrumental in leading the executive team in implementing the Companies strategies. His leadership and entrepreneurial vision have been and will continue to be crucial in leading the Group into the future

A well know and successful corporate figure in the investment business, Yang Hormat Dato’ Seri Dr. Alex Ong has also gained fame as a respected politician with various political positions held previously with the government. He is also a person who firmly believes on the preservation and education on the multi- cultural diversity in Malaysia.His academic background is quite intriguing as he possesses a Doctorate in Law and International Business (specialising in Economic Investment) and has received several honorary Doctorates in both Business and Finance from Universities from United Kingdom and United States.Therefore, his expertise and knowledge is well acknowledged and highly respected thus leading to international recognition especially in several districts and cities in Indonesia who have elected him as the Chief of the House of Representatives to assist and support the duties of the office of the Indonesian Embassy in Malaysia. This move is to further foster ties in terms of cultural, education and economy as well as attracting more investors for these the two nations. He has also been awarded several awards and titles by various ASEAN Sultanates as well as by the British Sovereignty for his outstanding contribution towards the society and country.He is currently the Director General (CEO) with Malindo Business and Cultural Centre (MBCC) which operates in the facilitation and conservation of the knowledge gained from of various entrepreneurs, culturist and educators that will benefit the diplomatic and two way economic ties between the nations. He is also fews NGOs leader and the President of Malaysia Global Chamber of Commerce.
Dato’ Seri Alex Siaw has been on the Board since 1 Januari 2007.
He has been with Nam Hai since 2006 during which time he dealing export market business with Nam Hai. Mr. Alex Siaw has extensive working experience in tender, finance and implementation of Warehouse project,
He have a warehouse and factory experience in Malaysia. He also good in international market and dealing with the value buyer.
He is responsible for the Nam Hai marketing department as a experience leader. Mr. Alex Siaw skills and vast experience, having worked for the few Company for more than 20 years across a wide spectrum of businesses including infrastructure concession projects, trading and investments, enable him to contribute significantly to the Company overall business and to the Board.
He hold a Master Degree in Marketing Management and Degree in Business